The first undervalued prospect would like to recommend is…..

Just some rules of the road to start with. I will not buy or sell any card recommended on this site 72 hours before or 72 hours after a recommendation is shared with the community. My ideas are a byproduct of more than 35 years of success buying and selling baseball cards for profit utilizing a proprietary set of baseball statistical analysis. I would like others to benefit from my research and fill a need of helping people improve their chances of finding the next Mike Trout or Bryce Harper BEFORE everyone else is made aware of them. These are not short term investment ideas and frequently the players may take many months or several years before the card collecting community catches on. Obviously, I will not be right all of the time, nobody is. But if I can help improve your batting average uncovering baseball prospects and current players at the right times and at the right prices, all the better.

I understand that not everyone has the same amount of money to spend/invest in a card. Generally speaking, Bowman Chrome auto parallels, specifically Blue and Gold have more secondary market demand, Green, Orange, Red and 1 of 1’s are worth even more (we’ll discuss these nuances in a later article) as opposed to the base version of a player’s card. If you can afford it, you’ll get a potentially higher rate of return on a colored parallel auto than you will on a base version of the card. In addition, graded cards, BGS and PSA, will add to the amount you need to invest and will help the card appreciate more in value as well. Since this is a new endeavor for me, I really look forward to reading your feedback about my baseball card investing ideas and, more importantly, we have an amazing baseball card collecting/investing community out there, so by all means share the link to my website with your card collecting friends and on social media as well. I will be adding regular written posts and occasional YouTube videos. Please sign up to receive notifications each time I share a new investing idea. I look forward to helping you make $$$$.

Ok, enough of the rules of the road, etc. My first baseball card investing idea is Raimel Tapia, a AA OF prospect for the Colorado Rockies organization. Last year, in High A in the California League, Raimel Tapia had an OPS of .800 as a 21 year old with an elevated BB/K ratio of 24/105. This year, Raimel got off to a very slow start, but he made the adjustments that were necessary and as a 22 year old in AA he drastically improved his BB/K ratio to 13/23 in a very challenging Eastern League. He’s the type of player that most “experts” overlook which is right up our alley here at For such a young player, he fills in all of the boxes which is uncommon(scores runs, hits doubles, triples, homers and steals bases). In addition, the Colorado Rockies are an organization in transition, which means that a spot may open up for Raimel Tapia sooner rather than later if he continues his improvement throughout the minor leagues. And, playing in Colorado’s enormous ballpark will only improve his chances of “filling in the boxes” at the major league level.  His 2014 Bowman Chrome Autographed rookie cards do not reflect his upside potential. Look at a recent list of completed sales on Ebay here.  For those on a smaller budget an ungraded or graded version of the card can be had for $10-$20.  The blue autographed refractor recently sold between $50-$75 and a purple autographed refractor sold for $285.  Buy Raimel Tapia’s cards at these drastically reduced prices.

2014 Bowman Chrome Raimel Tapia Auto
2014 Bowman Chrome Raimel Tapia Auto

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