The most undervalued player’s baseball card on the Pittsburgh Pirates is…..

Making money in baseball cards takes patience, sometimes a lot of patience!  Not all players called up start crushing the ball right from the beginning.  In fact most players take a while gaining their footing and adapting to the major leagues.  As an example, in 2011 when Mike Trout was called up by the Angels, he hit .220 and had a .672 OPS. It usually takes a season or two or more for a player’s potential to start being realized on the field.

Gregory Polanco had incredible stats throughout his minor league career and usually was one of the youngest players in each league he played in.  But in his first season in 2014 as a 22 year old, he only hit .235.  Then he followed up that first year’s production in 2015 by hitting only .256 and many throughout the baseball card community thought he was going to be bust.  But for those baseball card investors that have patience, you are soon going to be rewarded and then some!  So far in 2016, he’s hitting .310 with a .942 OPS and he’s leading the league in doubles and runs scored.  For those who haven’t already purchased Gregory Polanco’s 2013 Bowman Chrome Autographed rookie card, stop what you’re doing and buy one now!!!  He’s on the verge of realizing his potential, many people in baseball haven’t caught on just yet mostly because he plays in small-market Pittsburgh and the same holds true in the baseball card community.  Ungraded base RCs go for between $40-$50. BGS 9.5 base and refractors have sold for between $70-$90.  For those with larger budgets, a BGS 9.5 Blue refractor sold for $285 recently and in the beginning of May, a BGS 9.5 gold refractor sold for $455.  For a full list of Gregory Polanco’s recent card sales on eBay, click here.  The recommends buying Gregory Polanco’s cards now!!!!

2013 Bowman Chrome Gregory Polanco Autographed Refractor

2013 Bowman Chrome Gregory Polanco Autographed Refractor


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